Veritas IRB

A Survey Report on IRB Selection
in Canada


Discover what respondents think about accreditation, cultural diversity, and Canadian ownership and management of a central IRB/REB.

Research ethics simplified™

Veritas IRB has developed a simplified process to keep your studies on TRACK™.

The only logical choice for Canadian researchers

Veritas IRB has been serving the Canadian research community for close to 20 years and is the first and only Canadian-owned, accredited, central IRB.

The convenience and security
of online submissions

Now available - Secure transmission of study documents via Veritas IRB’s website using the latest encryption technology to ensure the confidential transfer of study-related documents. Available 24/7 for your convenience

Efficiency and convenience

Submission of research projects electronically or in hard copy (English or French). Weekly reviews. Experienced research sites reviewed within 72 hours. Sites receive continuing review reminders at 8, 6, 4 and 2 weeks prior to IRB approval expiration.

Accurate documentation
and recordkeeping

Comprehensive quality control and quality assurance that ensures accurate documentation of all IRB activities including administrative screening of submissions prior to IRB review, 100% document verification at the time of continuing review, and archiving of Health Canada regulated trials for 25 years.

An active partner in the protection of research participants

On-call consultation on all aspects of study submission and review. Access to user-friendly guidance documentation on ethical conduct and Good Clinical Practices. Government agency safety alerts monitoring and ICF verification. 24-hour, toll-free, trilingual (English / French / Spanish) Research Participant hotline.

Knowledge of and sensitivity
to local and cultural context
of research

Multidisciplinary and multicultural staff with a comprehensive knowledge of regional and cultural research requirements across North America. Veritas IRB is the only IRB to provide ethics review services in English or French with IRB members located in the United States and Canada.

Research Ethics Simplified™

research ethics simplified

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