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Institutional Services

For many hospitals, operating an efficient ethics review unit is a complex and challenging task. This challenge can even be greater when the volume of research does not allow for regular meetings or maintenance of full-time personnel.

Veritas IRB can work with your institution to allow you to benefit from the expertise of our board, and the knowledge and efficiency of our associates while reducing your institution's operating costs. With the benefit of a rational and duly established IRB outsourcing strategy, Veritas IRB can become an integral part of your institution's human research protection program (HRPP).

Veritas IRB's Institutional Services include the following:

  • meeting with your Institution's officials
  • auditing your Institution's IRB's records
  • developing institution-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • annual reporting of Veritas IRB's activities to your Institution's officials
  • completion of activity reports to government agencies (when required)

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