Veritas IRB

Ethics Review
Study Start-up

Whether your study is a multi-center clinical trial, an investigator-initiated trial or an observational trial – and regardless of whether you are a pharmaceutical sponsor, a CRO, an investigative site or a research institution – the study start-up process at Veritas IRB is essentially the same.

Submission process/timeline for full review

  • Submissions must be received one week prior to each IRB meeting.
  • Summaries of the IRB decisions are communicated the morning following the meeting.
  • Detailed approvals are communicated within 48 hours of the meeting.

Submission process/timeline for expedited reviews

  • Submissions that qualify may be submitted at any time
  • Submissions are reviewed within 72 hours.

Upon initial contact with Veritas IRB, one of our experienced and highly-qualified associates will be assigned as your single point-of-contact for the duration of your study, ensuring that you are always dealing with someone who has in depth knowledge of the details of your study.

Veritas IRB's associates will assist you with the preparation of your submission to the IRB, systematically screening every document prior to their submission to the IRB in order to ensure that they are compliant with Veritas IRB's requirements.

Click on the Online Submissions link below for more information on the submission requirements and to access all of the necessary forms.

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