Medical Representatives - Independent Review Board

Veritas IRB is currently seeking physicians to serve as Medical Representatives on its Independent Review Board. The role of the Medical Representative is to assess study protocols for medical and scientific validity and, with other members of the Board, to ensure that a trial is conducted in compliance with a number of guidelines and regulations, as well as applicable ethical principles. The Medical Representative participates in meetings with a quorum of at least 5 members, including two members with scientific or medical expertise, a member ‘knowledgeable in ethics’, a member ‘knowledgeable in the relevant law’ and a community member.

The Independent Review Board meets weekly, on Tuesday evenings. The Medical Representative is expected to attend at least one meeting per month, but could attend more often, depending on their willingness and availability. A typical meeting lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • Medical diploma (MD)
  • Valid medical license to practice in Canada or the United States.
  • Understanding of health research
  • Understanding of scientific study design
  • Good knowledge of research ethics board functioning and review process
  • Capacity to work with a multi-disciplinary group.

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