Preparing your Online Submission

All submissions to Veritas IRB can now be made on Concierge, our online submission portal, at

Veritas IRB’s Concierge submission portal combines our 20 years of experience in research ethics with the industry’s most powerful ethics review management software allowing you to easily prepare and track your submissions online.

The Concierge portal gives you control over your submission and accelerates its processing by:

  • Only requesting that you report what is meaningful to your specific submission;
  • Running a completeness check before submitting to the IRB;
  • Allowing you to invite, add, and correspond with your submission collaborators directly on the portal;
  • Granting you access to the full history of study correspondence and documentation status directly on the portal and therefore allowing for a seamless transition when changes are made to your study team;
  • Requesting the signature of designated signatories when necessary;
  • Allowing you to easily access your study documentation and track your submission’s progress online at any time;
  • Featuring the possibility of duplicating an existing study in order to save time when creating future similar submissions;
  • Allowing for a transfer of responsibility over your study to your collaborators when you are on vacation or when there is a management change.

Initiating the Review Process

To initiate the review process of a new study, you will first need to open a user account on The user registration process is as simple as registering to your favorite social media platform.

Once registered, Veritas IRB will require the following documentation:

Review of Study Protocol and Central Documents

  • Protocol Submission Form (form to be completed by logging into
  • Study protocol (English or French)
  • Template informed consent documentation
  • Template research participant recruitment procedures (e.g. study advertisements)
  • Written information to be provided to research participants (e.g. questionnaires, diaries)
  • Investigational product information

Additionally, the following documentation is required for each investigative site that will be participating in the study, once the study protocol and central documents have been approved:

Review of Investigative Sites

  • Principal Investigator and Site Submission Form (form to be completed by logging into
  • Site-specific research participant recruitment procedures (e.g. study advertisements)
  • Investigator and sub-investigator's curricula vitae and current professional licenses (if applicable)
  • Investigator's study budget
  • Information regarding investigator's compensation to research participants and method of disbursement
  • Copy of the investigator's study agreement with the sponsor

Review Timelines

Whether your study is a multi-center clinical trial, an investigator-initiated trial, a socio-behavioural or an observational study – and regardless of whether you are a sponsor of research, a CRO, an investigative site or a research institution – the study start-up process at Veritas IRB is essentially the same.

Submission process/timeline for submissions requiring full board review

  • Submissions must be received at least five calendar days prior to each IRB meeting.
  • Summaries of the IRB decisions are communicated the morning following the meeting.
  • Official IRB communications are available within 48 hours of the meeting.

Submission process/timeline for delegated or expedited reviews

  • Submissions that qualify may be submitted at any time
  • Submissions are reviewed within 72 hours (no lead time).

Uploading Documents for Ongoing Studies that are not yet on Veritas IRB’s Concierge Online Portal

We invite you to take advantage of the numerous benefits of Concierge and submit directly online at Our experienced project managers would be happy to introduce you to the new portal and walk you through the online submission process.

However, while we transition all studies to Veritas IRB’s Concierge portal, you may still upload your submission on this page. Once you have finished preparing your submission documents, please complete the following form, click on “Choose File” to select the file(s) for submission, and click “Upload Files” to complete the process. Your submission will be acknowledged by email upon receipt.

If you have more than five (5) documents to Upload, please use an compressing tool such as 7-zip to create an archive of the whole submission package.